The Milovia nappy cover is a very popular solution. Made in two sizes: ONE SIZE – regulated 4-16 kg /9-35 pounds, for the entire nappy change period, and S – regulated 2.5-7 kg/ 6-16 pounds, especially with newborns in mind. The nappy covers are different from the pocket nappies in their construction and consequently in their qualities – among many, they hold the moisture for a long time. They are irreplaceable during a long night sleep and for long walks. We can easily place Milovia microfibre inserts, any muslin squares, simple flannel etc. The nappy cover serve well also during the potty training period. The outer fabric is the waterproof, vapour-permeable PUL fabric. Thanks to this layer, that clothes stay dry and baby’s skin is less likely to suffer from a nappy rash. The sizing of nappies is done by durable, generously placed snaps. Thanks to those, the nappy is quickly and properly regulated. The plits made of PUL keep the absorbent insert in place and the extra covering of the microfleece provides great comfort and protection from marking baby’s skin. The delicate gussets around legs, the accurate ellastic bands, great shape and the outstanding design make each child that wears them look great.

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Milovia PUL Nappy Covers:

  • one fits most newborns to potty
  • available in S size – especially with a newborn in mind
  • easy to put on – durable, “noiseless” snaps
  • the insert is placed in the front
  • very quick drying
  • ensure air circulation
  • a good fit on the bum
  • lovely patterns and non-fading colours
  • made of soft, durable and safe fabrics
  • can be used with different types and sizes of inserts

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